Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Last Week

Apologies for keeping you in suspense. I trust you’ll understand why when you hear my reasons.

I thought I’d go back to the old IHC offices on Friday afternoon. Take an old colleague out for drinks, see how my projects were running, that sort of thing. Instead I ran into Barbara Lewis-Penn. She was angry to see me on the premises, and we quarreled – at the end of it she said she’d have to have something done about me and stormed off.

I thought she meant an order for employees not to fraternize with me, or calling the police to report me for trespassing. More fool me. I came back home later that day and found the lock on my door had been broken. Nothing was taken, but I did find these.

I don’t know if the intent is to kill me or frighten me. I didn’t realize until now that I might be in imminent danger to more than my career. I won’t be silenced. But it’s clear I can’t stay at home any longer, so I’ve gone on the run. I’ll keep you posted as I can.